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Health & Veritas

Dec 23, 2021

Howie and Harlan are joined by Dr. Albert Ko, a Yale epidemiologist who has advised Connecticut governor Ned Lamont. They discuss the state of the pandemic, rebuilding global public health infrastructure, and what omicron tells us about future variants.

Dec 16, 2021

Howie and Harlan are joined by Yale economist Fiona Scott Morton, an expert on competition in healthcare and other industries. They discuss the forces driving up healthcare costs in the U.S. and the steps that Scott Morton and her colleagues have proposed to bring them under control.

Dec 9, 2021

Howie and Harlan are joined by Liza Fisher to talk about her experience navigating the medical system and advocating for patients while enduring 18 months of debilitating COVID symptoms. Fisher is a participant and co-author (with Harlan) for a new study examining internal tremors and vibrations among long...

Nov 30, 2021

Howie and Harlan discuss what we know and don’t know about the newly identified omicron variant. Then they’re joined by Dr. Joseph Ross to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the FDA’s process for approving new drugs.

Nov 24, 2021

Howie and Harlan talk with Dr. Rohan Khera, a Yale cardiologist whose research interests include the use of advanced data science tools to improve diagnosis and treatment. They discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning can supplement human expertise in summarizing current literature,...